Devon Strawn
Design + Computers

About Devon

I run Ghosty, the image bookmarking tool for creative thinkers.

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I’m the founder of The Pixel Division, a software consultancy. We’ve created products for massive tech companies like Microsoft and Intel, helped teams ship great features at cool startups like Airware and Jagtag, and contributed design & innovation to established businesses like Open Solutions.

Occasionally I experiment with new tech at Secret Robot. Past projects include VR art installations, computer vision software, a custom-built large-scale multi-touch screen, and experiments with AI & ML.

Before I became a full-time consultant, I engineered software at Microsoft. I was lucky to be one of the first members of the Expression Group in the Developer Division. I shipped two great design tools: Design and Blend. These were the first serious designer tools that Microsoft shipped, analogues to Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash / HTML5, respectively.

I came to be a professional software engineer in a somewhat unorthodox way. In college I studied architecture (as in buildings), design, math, and computer science.

Architecture reinforced a sense of building well and deliberately. That sense of quality carried over into a career in software engineering, where sound construction matters as much as form and function.

Design taught me how to unseat assumptions, question everything, find problems worth solving, and communicate without words and imagery.

Math taught me how to achieve a high level of rigor. And of course, math is the language of the universe.

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